Agricultural Publications

Samples of published articles from agricultural trade magazines.

Genetic Lottery

Wheat, Oats and Barley - February 2009

Silver Award - 2009

Canadian Farm Writers' Federation, Technical Feature

Complexity makes for daunting task for breeders.

Friend or Foe 

Canola, Pulse and Special Crops Guide

Bronze Award - 2010

Canadian Farm Writers' Federation, Technical Feature 

Mother Nature can be a farmer's best friend and worst enemy. Learning how to work with her may be the next big thing in prairie agriculture.

Tied To The Rails

Wheat, Oats and Barley – February 2011

Farmers might not railways much but simple physics says they’re stuck with them until someone figures out a better alternative

Meet The New Clean Machines

Country Guide – November 2004

If you think of diesel engines as smoky and smelly, think again. Like other power plants, these farm workhorses are getting a strong dose of pollution abatement.

Souped Up

Canola, Pulse and Specialty Crops Guide – February 2010

A new gene manipulation technology promises fast and furious results in plant development without using foreign DNA.

Apocalypse Later

Canola, Pulse and Specialty Crops Guide – February 2010

Predictions of phosphorus shortages may be exciting for doom and gloomers but the truth is there’s plenty – for now. But the economic realities for fertilizer production will likely mean a lot of ups and downs in prices.

The Real Dirt

Crops Guide – January 2012

Premier Issue Cover Story

The ground beneath our feet is more complex than most of us would think – and understanding and working with that complexity is a key to sustainable agriculture.

Genetics as Risk Management

Yield Manitoba – February 2003

Crop Traits and Variety Differences Key to Puzzle

Nature’s Check Against Ag Pests

Manitoba Co-operator - July 10, 2003

In Search of the Best Crop Combo to Anchor Sandy Soils

Growing Forward – January 2012

Nature abhors a vacuum. She just isn’t happy with unoccupied space and the same applies to soil.


Moving Pens Protects Water and Herd

Growing Forward – January 2012

Real estate people tell us it’s all about location, location, location. Garth Livingston will tell you the same is true with cattle barns.


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